Live nude drawings

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These are a few of drawings I’ve done through live nude drawing sessions.

I was fortunately enough to find a local figure drawing studio where I live, in conservative East TN no less!  You may want to google search for “Open Studios [your state]” to find your local offerings as well. These open studio options are much more affordable than hiring models yourself for continued studies on a regular basis, and to meet fellow local artists. I found mine through here.

Although I have to drive an hour each way, the sessions have been worth it to hone my skills. However, the sessions are short at about 1 hour and 1/2 or less (+30 min prep/gesture drawings), so it never feels like you’ve got enough time. Most masterwork drawings you see online are products of 20+ hours of work.  Photos are not allowed in most nude figure drawing studios so you’ll just have to do your best to have great practice sessions to improve your hand/eye coordination, or end up with few fresh artworks.

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